About Us

सबेरा SABERA, a one-of-its-kind annual social impact awards and summit, highlights sustainable development initiatives by corporates, nonprofits and individuals. Founded in 2018 by the Simply Suparnaa Media Network, with the larger objective to amplify good in society, the platform has diverse stakeholders and is actively supported by industry stalwarts from large multinationals, changemakers and policy influencers alike. The most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and nonprofits alone. Hence, acknowledging a community of leaders that use business as a force for good, is an essential part of सबेरा SABERA.

The platform contributes in building a positive narrative of India’s success by acknowledging inspiring stories of impact and development. In its fourth year now, सबेरा SABERA will also seek best practices from the neighboring countries in the spirit of sharing and learning.

सबेरा SABERA’s The annual event is held in December with the Jury board meeting conducted in November. There are 3 main categories under which awards are given namely A Initiative, B Entity and C Individual with a total of 15 sub categories. There is NO FEES for Category C i.e. Individual Awards. An entry fees is applicable for Category A & B. The fees is further subsidized or waived off according to the size of the organization. There are 3 slabs based on the top line revenues, these are, above 5 crores, below 5 crores and below 40 lakhs. The entry fees are WAIVED OFF for organizations below 40 lakhs top line. It is subsidized for below 5 crores topline and early bird discounts offered on all early submissions. For details on the fees structure and avail early discounts for 2021 refer to Rule & Regulations.

Award winners will be finalized as per evaluation criteria for the respective awards by a Board of eminent Jury through a 2 tier process starting with an individual online screening for the shortlist of entries, followed by a collective jury meet to evaluate the final awardees. The awardees are then recognized in a gala event and their work highlighted through various media platforms. Networking and collaborations are encouraged and the summit preceding the awards is a convergence of ‘Do Gooders’.