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Adil Firoze

Director, CSR Consultancy Services

Adil Firoze

Adil Firoze, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is a thought leader in CSR and Sustainability. He has Vast, enriching experience of over three decades in the hydrocarbon sector in Engineering Design and Project Management followed by more than a decade’s experience in Corporate Quality Assurance, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Mr Firoze is a workplace coach and trainer also.

After his superannuation from EIL in 2016, he remained active in the development sector and at present in the advisory board of many non-profit companies/NGOs besides running his CSR Consultancy Services. He is active in conducting training programs in CSR, Project Management for the Development sector and Risk management.  Recently he has also done Human Rights Risk assessment for a big Chemical Sector company in Gujrat.

Businesses today have a larger responsibility towards the environment, society, and governance and are not run only with the objective of wealth maximization. They are sensitive and concerned about the issues and adapt to change by embedding and addressing these concerns into their systems and processes in business for long-term sustainability. SABERA has been consistently highlighting and recognizing such initiatives every year.

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