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Ms Bhuvana Santhanam

CEO – Global Outreach Prashanthi Balamandira Trust

With 25 years of strong corporate and NGO experience, Bhuvana Santhanam is the CEO – Global Outreach of a global NGO, which runs free education, free healthcare, and free nutrition initiatives. After more than 15 years in various corporate roles based out of Dubai and London, she moved back to India in December 2012 and was National Director for one of India’s leading image management firms, consulting and advising corporate boards of national and international brands on marketing communications, branding and reputation. In 2015, Bhuvana quit her lucrative corporate career and decided to follow her calling, by joining a unique service mission which brings respite to thousands of underprivileged and needy children across 33 countries. She regularly speaks at various conferences, forums, and educational institutions in India and abroad on the importance of educating the heart and nurturing teacher well-being through self-transformation, which is the key to building student-centric curriculums to effectively implement a values-based approach in education.

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