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Dinesh Chhabra

CEO, Usha International

“ESG and Climate Change have emerged as critical factors and need to be addressed with agility in order to restore balance in the world. Among the most pressing challenges, it is heartening to see a growing recognition globally with companies now investing in it to create value, drive purpose, and innovation, and have a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. As we move forward, ESG transformation will motivate companies to drive real change and ensure long-term sustainability for a better future. To be part of the jury is something I’m looking forward to as it gives me a great opportunity to delve deeper and learn more about the how, what, and where, from companies that have positively impacted communities and are using businesses as a force for good”

A chartered accountant by profession, Dinesh Chhabra is the current CEO of Usha International. A leader who walks the talk, he is adept at customizing his leadership style to suit the need of the hour. He believes paying attention to the micro aspects of the business results in macro rewards and ensures that everyone across the organization is aligned to the larger picture while understanding the role they need to play for the company to be successful. He joined Usha International to lead the Finance function, where his in-depth understanding of various aspects of the business saw him being elevated to the CEO’s role about 10 years ago.

Besides his training as a finance professional, Dinesh has also helmed other functions including Marketing and Business Development, Manufacturing, Strategic Planning, Global Sourcing, and Information Technology. All of these have seen him evolve as a 360* leader, capable to nurturing talent and growth within the organization, and achieving success for the business.

His specialization lies in leading and managing change and organizational transformation across all layers of organizational deployment – operational, tactical, and strategic – and this has played a huge role in further enhancing the corporate culture based on the tenets laid by the founders of Usha. He has been part of various successful profitability turnarounds in a systematic and organic manner helping increase market capitalization through structural and strategic initiatives. Dinesh has also played a significant role in effective transition across stakeholders including promoters, leadership, and teams thus enabling the organization to shift the growth trajectories without a break in business continuity.

As part of various social initiatives including mentoring start-up units, as well as providing support and professional direction to orphaned children who need guidance, Dinesh does not shy away from putting his experience to benefit others.

His wife Neelam, a lawyer by profession, actively supports all his social initiatives. Dinesh and Neelam are extremely house proud. They also enjoy travelling and exploring new places whenever they get a chance. Dinesh is also extremely passionate about following an active and healthy lifestyle. They have two sons who are both pursuing their passions for a living.

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