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George Muthoot George

Deputy Managing Director | Muthoot Finance

George Muthoot

Mr. George Muthoot George is transforming the financial services landscape in India as the Deputy Managing Director of Muthoot Finance. He oversees services including microfinance, housing finance, foreign exchange, remittances, and gold investments, as well as the company’s international operations in Sri Lanka.

A passionate advocate of community development and social impact, Mr. George also leads the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives at Muthoot Finance and plays a key role in corporate governance, driving strategic decision-making processes. He has revitalized the company’s philanthropic strategies, ensuring all business practices align with the group’s mission of giving back to society.

Mr. George is also spearheading The Muthoot Group’s hospitality division as the Managing Director of Xandari Resorts. Operating in India and Costa Rica, Xandari Resorts epitomizes luxury that harmonizes with nature and is guided by the principles of Community, Collaboration, and Conservation – three pillars of sustainable operations focused on preserving the environment at its best.

In an effort to strengthen and deliver inclusive education in India, Mr. George has been the visionary in building state-of-the-art infrastructure and integrating the cutting-edge technology as the Chairman of St. George School and Paul George Global School located in Delhi. His vision is to establish a value-based education system with a global outlook, nurturing the next generation of leaders.

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