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Nyrika Holkar

Executive Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd (‘G&B’)

Nyrika Holkar is Executive Director of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd (‘G&B’). She leads Digital Strategy, Brand, Legal and M&A for G&B and its subsidiaries. In this capacity, she drives a company-wide strategy on building new digital interventions through online platforms and ecosystems to help improve customer experience, foster collaborative innovation, and enhance data-led decision making in business.

A qualified solicitor, Nyrika is responsible for the company’s global legal strategy including supervising commercial contracts, structuring M&A transactions as well as the protection and enhancement of the organisation’s intellectual property across its 14 businesses. As the Brand Custodian, she works closely with the Sustainability, Marketing and Communication teams across G&B with a focus on building a responsible corporate brand.

As a member of the G&B board of directors she is also involved with key decisions related to business strategy, talent management and corporate governance. During her tenure as Executive Director, Nyrika has helped significantly reduce the G&B Group’s financial exposure by streamlining the negotiation and contract management process through an end-to-end digitised contract life cycle management platform.

She is also a director on the Board of Godrej Infotech, a subsidiary of G&B and is involved in key decisions with regard to IT security and technology platforms across the Group and is working to enhance G&B’s partnership with startups and technology partners to improve the digital ecosystem for G&B businesses.
Nyrika began her career at legal firm AZB & Partners where she specialised in M&A transactions and advised foreign companies seeking to invest in India before joining G&B. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Philosophy and Economics from Colorado College, USA and obtained LL.B and LL.M degrees from University College London, UK. She is a member of the Bar Association of India and is a qualified Solicitor in the United Kingdom.

She is an ardent supporter of the environment. As Chairperson of the G&B CSR Committee, Nyrika is actively involved in G&B’s community development efforts including education, skilling and the preservation and protection of Mumbai’s mangroves. Trekking, Wildlife and Photography are some of her abiding interests beyond work.

Nyrika is a member on the Boards of the Centre for the Advancement of Philanthropy and the United World College Committee (UWC) India. She is a Fellow of the Ananta Aspen Centre’s Fellowship and a member of Aspen Global Leadership Network.

She is married and lives in Mumbai with her husband Yeshwant and her daughter.

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