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Study in 9th Class at Voice of Slum

My name is Palak, and I study in 9th Class at Voice of Slum. Before Corona, we were leading a normal life, we ate food two times, and were happy. But my father died in Corona. There is no one except our mother and father, after our father’s departure, it became difficult for us to get food for even a single time. We are 3 brothers and sisters.

We were wondering what would happen to us now! That’s when we came to know about Voice of Slum. After joining it, it helped us a lot; almost all our problems went away. The NGO provided food, school fees, tuition, stationery and much more. Not only this, but I am also very happy to get many opportunities to speak publicly. I want to be an IAS officer and with the support of dev sir and chandni mam, I am sure that my dream will come true one day.

Thank you Sabera for giving me such a big opportunity.

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