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My name is Payal. I study in Class XI, Lotus Petal Foundation. I hail from a small village located near Dausa in Rajasthan. My parents are launderers and they work hard to provide me and my younger brother all the basic necessities. My brother is in Grade 7. Till Grade 6 he used to go to school. But since the time this pandemic hit our lives, he has been studying at home.

My family shifted to Gurgaon in year 2009 to earn a living and also because there were no good schools in my village. No one in my family has ever received a formal education nor have they got any opportunity to change their lives. Ever since my birth, my parents have this desire to see their dreams come true through me.

I joined Lotus Petal Foundation in year 2016. Before joining I dreamt of speaking English fluently, whenever I saw people doing it effortlessly. To Anchor SABERA is a dream come true. I am grateful to my school for this. At Lotus Petal I have got numerous opportunities to excel. In year 2018, I was given R.S. Shetty Scholarship for my good academic performance and attendance. Once, I also participated in an inter-school competition on ‘How to Save Environment’. I have hosted many of my school events.

I aspire to become a PILOT as I want to fly high in the sky.

My family supports me a lot and I am sure that with their and my school’s support I will definitely achieve my goal and who knows one day may be you are flying with me.

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