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Sanjay Khare

Executive Board Member and Head of sustainability Volkswagen

Sanjay Khare is a distinguished professional with a remarkable 37-year career in the automotive industry. As the first Indian member of the Executive Board at Volkswagen India and Head of Sustainability, he has been instrumental in driving sustainable practices within the organization. With an IIT degree and an MBA, Sanjay demonstrates strong technical and business acumen.

Sanjay is widely recognized as a sustainability guide, mentor, and proactive collaborator, guiding organizations towards sustainable practices and fostering innovation in the industry. He is also an effective communicator, presenting the business case for sustainability convincingly.

Beyond his professional roles, Sanjay actively contributes to various committees focused on climate change, circular economy, resources, energy, sustainability, and corporate governance. His involvement in committees such as the CII National Committee on Climate Change, FICCI Committee on Circular Economy, and B20 Committee on Resources Energy showcases his dedication to shaping policies and driving positive change at a national and global level.

In addition to his achievements, Sanjay is an endurance cyclist, demonstrating his determination and discipline. He is also a faculty member at the IOD Masterclass on Sustainability and ESG for boards, sharing his expertise and contributing to the development of sustainable practices in corporate governance.

Sanjay Khare’s extensive experience, sustainability expertise, and commitment to personal growth make him a highly respected leader in the automotive.

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