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Seema Ahuja

SVP & Global Head of Communications & Corporate Brand at Biocon Group

Seema Ahuja is the SVP & Global Head of Communications & Corporate Brand at Biocon Group. A multifaceted expert in Reputation Management, and Corporate Brand & Communications, with over 30 years of experience in publicly listed leading pharma biotech & life sciences companies, she has won several awards across India. Under her leadership, Biocon’s communication team has ranked in the Top 10 teams over the years.

Seema has been recognized among the Top 10 women in communications, ‘Leading 25 in the Most Important Professionals in Communications’, an ‘Influential Game Changer in PR & Communications’, and a ‘Social Media Influencer’.

At Biocon, she is a part of the Executive Leadership Team and manages Brand Biocon, Brand Biocon Biologics and Brand Kiran.

“I have been a great admirer of Suparnaa for the pathbreaking turn she took in her career by setting up SABERA in 2018, with the core objective of recognizing the positive change being brought in by individuals, groups, and companies towards creating a more sustainable world. Over these years, SABERA has highlighted some of the most inspiring work of greater good being done across India which provides us hope for a better world. The positive narrative built through this initiative is stimulating the making of a more cohesive ecosystem where communities and individuals are bonded with a common purpose of building a compassionate and inclusive society.”

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