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Umeshwar Shrivastav

Founder, Shree Shakti Consciousness Foundation (SSCF)

Early Life

Umeshwarji Ji was born in a highly spiritually inclined family.  His father worked as a senior bureaucrat with the Government of India and his primary education was in one of the prestigious Christian Irish Brother schools, St. Columbas  New Delhi. Umeshwarji Ji’s reawakening on the spiritual path was catalyzed at an early age by his grandparents along with a series of evolved spiritual masters. These masters would come home to impart spiritual training and during the school holidays, he would visit these masters to spend more time with them for intense learning.

Higher Education

Inspired and guided by his spiritual masters, Umeshwarji Ji, acquired A double major in engineering from the University of Illinois,  USA. While studying in the US, he would take out time every week to address the issues of his fellow students and offer them solutions. A practice which he continues till today. He specialized in Computers /Digital Electronics/ and Electromagnetism with further studies in Digital Communications from the Telecom Training School at Adelaide, Australia. On Umeshwarji Ji’s return to India, he continued under the tutelage of various Gurus of the Shaiva,  Vaishnav, and Shakta systems. Additionally, he was trained in the Vam Tantra system, Kali Tantra system, and Aghor system from the Supreme Master (Aghoreshwar) in Varanasi, India. His Jyotish Shastra and Shakti Yog training were under the tutelage of the highly evolved eminent Spiritual Master of Kashmir

The Professional Journey

Umeshwar Ji headed prestigious MNCs in the Asia  Pacific region including Telstra, Deutsche Telekom AG, GES Technologies Singapore and Accton (Taiwan). He was instrumental in creating Australia India Chamber and was also a Member of Assocham along with being a Diploma Board Member ISTD, Ministry of HRD, India. He continues as visiting Faculty at the Department of Management at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. His profound spiritual insights clubbed with the knowledge of technology, brought not only a unique mix of wisdom to the various prestigious positions he held but also enabled him to channel his ability to explain scientific concepts through a tempering from the shastras (Ancient spiritual scriptures). This brought about new ways of looking at problem-solving- creating high-tech projects and products for the benefit of humanity.

Umeshwar Ji has been the President of Venu Eye Institute along with several other NGOs and International Government bodies. As an Intervention Management Strategist and ‘Turn-around Specialist’, he is sought globally across many countries.

He is on the International Board of Directors for International Institute for Energy Conservation, USA, which proactively works on Energy Conservation, Climate Resilience & Clean Air Mission. Along with his wife Samikshaji, Umeshwarji is also the founder of the Shree Shakti Consciousness Foundation ( an NGO for Community Adoption which works with imminent agencies for the upliftment of the marginalized sector and Community welfare. Umeshwar Ji also mentors the gender-inclusive initiative as well as SABERA which acknowledges sustainable development of communities as a tripartite bridge between the Corporate, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations.

His firm belief that spirituality and materiality science can coexist is being corroborated daily.

This Life’s Adhyatma (Spiritual)  Journey.

He strongly encourages us to delve deeper into the nonlinearity of spirituality.

He has been blessed with the grace of highly evolved masters and has learnt at their feet from the age of six. Over the period time he was initiated into various Vidyas through various masters including Shakt Yog from Param Pujya Raj Guru Shri Krishna Maharaj ji;  Aghor Panth from Pujaniya Aghoreshwar Baba Bhagwan Ram; Kali kul Tantra from  Tantra Shiromani Ramesh Tantrik; Devi Upasana from Pujaniya Shri Muktanand ji;  Bhav-atit dhyan from Param Pujya Shri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji; Manas Yog from Pujaniya Yogi Hriday Narayan ji; the Sufi path from Pir Haji Qadri Noor Mohammed,; Jyotish Shastra from Pujaniya Kameshwar Nath, Poorv janm sadhana from Pujaniya Shri Manak Chand Jain ji, Karmic Jyotish from Shri Lachmandas Madan, Mundane Astrology from Shri Vachaspati Ji, Prashna Jyotish from Pujaniya Uma Shankar Ji, Lal Kitab paddhati from Bhrigu Nandi Nadi; Puranas and Sukta from Pujaniya Mata Raj Kishori; Patanjali Yog sutra Dhyan Paddhati & Nirvikalp Dhyan from Shri Rajendra Swami and Shri Baba Ji; Hath Yoga from Yogi Swami Jha Yog Munger.

In the year 2004, Shree Umeshwar Ji was blessed with Divya Shakti Gyan by his gurus and intensified by their aatma saath

Svadhyay Aur Anusandhan (Self Study & Research)

  • Darshan Shastra Sankhya
  • Darshan Shastra Yog
  • Mantra Yog for healing Autoimmune disease origin
  • Management of palliative cancer
  • Composition – Nirnaya UpShastra

For the past 50 years, he has been serving all those who seek his guidance in Spiritual as well as worldly matters. People from all faiths resonate with his teachings of universal oneness. His influence, especially in the Asia Pacific region is noteworthy. Many scholars have joined him in carving out a path of living and enjoying a full life. His journey has been of Self Realization, leading all who seek him towards self-empowerment through Shakti Yoga and Nirnaya Shastras.

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