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The cold Delhi winter morning warmed me up as I answered the doorbell. A beautiful award made out of recycled materials accompanied with a citation, notebook and charming writing instrument greeted me. It was a magical Monday, 24th January 2022, National Girl Child Day. So strange that I didn’t know until today that there’s a day to promote equality and education, for our little princesses.

Education is the first step. Physical and mental health is equally important. Social acceptance and family support is critical. Psychological make-up designed to excel and nurture ambition is essential too. But, just because these factors are there, life doesn’t ensure success, growth or happiness.

Yes , Beti bachao Beti Padhao.

Yes, Atmanirbhar banao.

Yes, avoid teen weddings.

Yes, plan pregnancies.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Knowledge. Experience. Wisdom.

These are three loaded words. We are still struggling to ensure that girls have access to knowledge. But, this alone will get them nowhere unless they navigate the maze with emotional intelligence. The more experience they gain, the greater the accumulated wisdom. Sharing of the latter, by achievers, may help pave the path for others. That’s the reason that draws me like iron to a magnet when it comes to mentoring. Platforms like She connects, Womennovator, Indi Village, NAREDCO Mahi, Balika Vidya, Deep foundation and many others provide the opportunity to make a difference.

Our narrative has to change.

Education will change your life! Once you are financially independent you will live like a Queen!

The right expectation setting is the key to a resilient female workforce that doesn’t crack, give up or get into a flight due to fright mode.


  1. Chances are no one will teach you to work, and you will need to grab every learning opportunity.
  2. Self-motivation is daily fodder if you wish to grow.
  3. Let bad moods of colleagues, not ruin your balance.
  4. Most of the gossip about you will be the imagination of people with probably less intelligence than you and more cunning of course. The best way to cope is to share a capsule of humour.
  5. Your attire, language and manners are your best arsenal to convey what you wish to. Gaining respect is better than frivolous compliments. Be aware of your body language.
  6. Professional decisions must be guided by the organisation’s interest and never your loyalty to an individual.
  7. The rays emitted from your brains must blind the audience regarding your gender. Be two steps ahead in relevant knowledge.
  8. Discipline and character are feared and respected, more than designation and Bonhomie.
  9. Never ignore or laugh off inappropriate remarks or behaviour. Check the first time so that there isn’t a second time. Do not create a scene. Share or report without hesitation. Silence is often misunderstood as acceptance.
  10. Avoid gossip as it has a way of reaching the individual unless that is the goal. Remember you are not there to have fun, food and make friends.
  11. Treat subordinates well. Trust till you have a reason not to.
  12. Join a course, hobby or activity which challenges you to be a better personality.
  13. Observe the good qualities of co-workers. Be generous with genuine praise.
  14. Introspection is a catalyst to growth.
  15. Make a conscious effort that expenses do not exceed salary. Save and invest too. Treat employers money,as you would yours.
  16. Be the first to confess in case of any error of judgement or mistake.
  17. Remind yourself, your reputation is built on your action alone.
  18. Do not expect others to understand your personal problems. They have enough of their own.
  19. Don’t overstay at social events. Be clear of your reason for being there.
  20. Don’t change your food choices to fit in. Be receptive to suggestions but use your discerning ability.
  21. You alone are responsible for your physical safety. Plan outstation trips and working hours accordingly. Wining, dining and socialising do not decide your appraisal or trajectory. Quantifiable and visible performance does.
  22. It’s alright to skip happy moments but be there for family bereavements.
  23. Quit if you feel you are wasting time or deserve better. Don’t quit because you cannot cope. Time management and work-life balance are easy if you make a genuine effort.
  24. Delegation and monitoring, pay off in the long run as compared to centralisation.
  25. Ethical leaders and organisations must be cherished.
  26. Get involved in CSR and causes. You will attract the right tribe.
  27. Surround yourself with bright and goal-oriented professionals.
  28. Try not to eat alone.
  29. Walk even during working hours, if possible.
  30. Forgive easily but don’t forget the lessons.
  31. A role model is a highly overrated concept. Decide the role you wish to play in this Universe. Create the best model that you are capable of.

You are ready to step into the professional world, ruthless and rewarding. The world may or may not be ready for you, so help it to adapt or adjust. Patience is good but complacency is not.  I have shared 31 ideas based on my 31 years of experience. Hope it prepares you for a successful flight mode ahead. Disappointments must not define you.

Education is a doorbell or ID card.

Emotional intelligence is the elevator.

Ethical performance is the key to success.

Together, let’s light the lamp and seek inspiration from the divine, feminine, creative energies.

Views are personal. The author, Dr Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi, is a PhD in Marketing and was also an esteemed jury member on the SABERA 2021 Jury Board.  Ananta has 31 years of corporate real estate experience as Executive Director Dlf, CE Emaarmgf, Country head Damac and Senior Executive Director at Experion Developers. She is the Founder President-Elect of NAREDCO Mahi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs.

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