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Innovation has been instrumental in addressing various challenges faced by humanity, including those in the development sector. The SABERA awards celebrate innovative projects that have positively impacted communities, enhanced livelihoods, and contributed to the development of society.

Here is a list of exemplary innovations that have covered multiple challenges through their unique approach to sustainable development as recognized by the jury over the past five years submitted under the category A7: इनोवेटिव डेवलपमेंट सेक्टर प्रोजेक्ट (Innovative Development Sector Project)These initiatives inspire and encourage others to strive for excellence and create a better future for all.

In 2022, four organizations were recognized with SABERA awards for their innovative development sector projects.

Hindustan Unilever – Suvidha Centres have brought essential products and services, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare, to rural communities in India through a unique last-mile distribution model. The initiative has empowered rural entrepreneurs, enhanced access to essential services, and improved livelihoods in rural India.

Vedanta Limited – Nand Ghar An initiative of Anil Agarwal Foundation has transformed the traditional Anganwadi model by providing digital education, healthcare, and skill development to children and women in rural India. The initiative has significantly enhanced the quality of life and well-being of communities in remote areas.

PVR NEST – Pink Centres have created safe and inclusive spaces for women and girls in India through the provision of sanitation facilities, menstrual hygiene products, and counseling services. The initiative has tackled gender-based discrimination and contributed to the empowerment of women and girls in India.

UDYAMA – Pradeep Mahapatra has transformed the lives of marginalized communities in Odisha, India, through sustainable livelihood interventions that promote entrepreneurship, natural resource management, and disaster risk reduction. The initiative has improved the socio-economic status of communities and contributed to sustainable development in the region.

In 2021, the WinPE Development Forum – Gender Diversity in Investing won the SABERA award for their Gender Diversity in Investing initiative. The project aimed to promote gender diversity in the investment sector by creating awareness and providing support to female entrepreneurs and investors. The initiative has helped to bridge the gender gap in the investment sector and has contributed to the empowerment of women in business.

In 2020, the Small Industries Development Bank of India – Swavalamban won the SABERA award for their Swavalamban initiative. The project aimed to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India by providing them with financial support, training, and capacity building. The initiative has helped MSMEs to overcome various challenges and has contributed to the growth of the sector in India.

Also in the same year 2020 MOHAN Foundation – Organ Donation was acknowledged for the innovative use of technology to create awareness train medical and paramedical professionals and help streamline the organ donation processes. With a 360-degree approach, MOHAN Foundation is now present in 14 states in the country.

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