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SABERA Awardees: Champions of Sustainable Development in India

In a remarkable celebration of impactful initiatives aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Awards (SABERA) have recognized outstanding contributors across various categories. These awards not only acknowledge exemplary efforts but also serve as a platform to share best practices and foster sustainable development in the country. Let’s explore the noteworthy awardees in different categories:

Prayavaran and Upbhog

CONCEPT (B) – Jury Commendation

Location: Dewas and Dhar districts, Madhya Pradesh

Focus: Natural resource management, agriculture resource management

Achievements: 1000 farm field bunding, 3000 sapling plantations, 160,000 cubic meters of water storage, leading to reduced soil erosion and increased water table.

Note: CONCEPT (B) represents grassroots non-profit efforts in natural resource management.

Dabur India Limited (A) – Jury Commendation

Locations: Newai (Rajasthan), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Pithampura (Madhya Pradesh), Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Focus: Water conservation projects, Pond Rejuvenation, Roof-top Rainwater Harvesting

Impact: Conservation of 3.48 lakh liters of water, enhanced water storage capacity, increased groundwater availability.

Note: Dabur India Limited (A) exemplifies the commitment of large businesses towards sustainable water management.

TIEEDI (B) – Winner

Location: Darjeeling

Initiative: “Everyday Environmentalism”

Impact: Shifting perception of waste, training 100+ practitioners, and 500+ children, and converting a dumping ground into a permaculture-based forest garden.

Note: TIEEDI (B) showcases the power of grassroots initiatives in environmental awareness and waste management.

Pepsico – Lays Biochar Project (A) – Winner

Impact: Regenerative farming practices across 7 million acres, reduced stubble burning emissions by 30%, increased yield by 10%, and decreased fertilizer use by 30%.

Note: Pepsico’s Lays Biochar Project (A) demonstrates a large corporation’s commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.


Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer (B) – Winner

Program: CanSaarthi – Transforming underprivileged cancer patients into professional onco-caregivers

Impact: Trained 147 cancer patients, and successfully placed graduates in onco-caregiving roles across the country.

Note: Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer (B) is a non-profit initiative creating social impact in the healthcare sector.

STEM Learning – Mini Science Centers (A) – Winners

Locations: North Sikkim, Nagaland, Manipur, Uttarakhand

Impact: Exposure to scientific concepts for 10.5 lakh students in 2500+ government schools.

Note: STEM Learning (A) illustrates the collaboration between education and non-profit sectors for scientific education.

Quick Heal Foundation – Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha (A) – Winners

Program: Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha – Cybersecurity education and awareness

Impact: Benefitted over 37 lakh individuals across 11 states through online courses, street plays, and interventions.

Note: Quick Heal Foundation (A) highlights corporate involvement in cybersecurity education for social welfare.


Dribble Academy Foundation (B) – Winners

Initiative: Structured basketball programs in abandoned parks and low-income schools

Achievements: 1000+ children benefited, 40+ students selected at district-level tournaments, 13 at state level, and 6 at national level.

Note: Dribble Academy Foundation (B) is a grassroots initiative using sports for empowerment.

Kranti (B) – Winners

Program: Kranti School – Empowering girls from red-light areas

Impact: Girls studying in 15 different cities across the US, UK, and Europe, receiving UN awards.

Note: Kranti (B) showcases the impact of grassroots initiatives in empowering vulnerable communities.

WNS Cares Foundation (A) – Winners

Program: CyberSmart – Providing cybersafety education in 10 Indian languages

Impact: Educated over 4 million children, and integrated cybersafety education into the curriculum.

Note: WNS Cares Foundation (A) represents a corporate foundation actively contributing to education and empowerment.

Swasthya & Kalyan

Bansi Vidya Memorial (B) – Jury Commendation

Initiative: Leukemia Crusaders – Support for leukemia-affected children

Impact: Supported over 3000 children in close to 60 hospitals, reducing abandonment and providing financial support.

Note: Bansi Vidya Memorial (B) is a grassroots initiative addressing health challenges among children.

Anugraha Drishtidaan (B) – Winner

Focus: Eradication of avoidable blindness nationwide

Impact: Conducted 1400 eye camps, performed 75,000 cataract surgeries and distributed 2.5 lakh near-vision glasses.

Note: Anugraha Drishtidaan (B) exemplifies a grassroots initiative in healthcare.

Vedanta Medical Research (A) – Winner

Location: Naya Raipur

Initiative: Balco Medical Centre (BMC) – Oncology tertiary care hospital

Impact: 170-bed hospital providing diagnostic and treatment services, free stay, food services, and transportation for patients.

Note: Vedanta Medical Research (A) represents a large-scale healthcare initiative.

Krishi Gramin Vikas

Pepsico (A) – Winner

Program: Lays Smart Farm – Using satellite imagery for quality potato yields

Impact: Pilot in 62 farms in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, plans to roll out to 27,000 farming partners.

Note: Pepsico (A) exemplifies a corporate-led initiative for sustainable agriculture.

Layngik Samanta

WeDiversify (Omysha Foundation) (B) – Winner

Initiatives: Promoting workplace equity, sensitization, and advocacy for gender equality

Impact: 50% of hiring is dedicated to gender diversity, engaging youth for social impact.

Note: WeDiversify (Omysha Foundation) (B) is a grassroots initiative promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Jamshedpur Queer Circle (B) – Winner

Programs: Leadership training, skill development, and mentorship for LGBTQ youth

Impact: Improved quality of life for LGBTQ youth through workshops and online presence.

Note: Jamshedpur Queer Circle (B) highlights grassroots efforts for LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

VMware (A) – Winner

Initiative: VMinclusion Taara – Upskilling initiative for women with digital technology skills

Impact: More than 29,000 women enrolled, 72% actively involved in learning, and more than 6,000 women back in the workforce.

Note: VMware (A) showcases a large corporation’s commitment to gender inclusion through skill development.

Most Innovative Development Sector Project

E-waste Social Private Limited (B) – Winner

Focus: Seamless waste management, circular economy

Impact: Reducing carbon footprint, improving workers’ lives, and providing a platform for waste collection.

Note: E-waste Social Private Limited (B) is a grassroots initiative.

Behavioral Change through Marketing and Communication

SABHYATA (A) – Jury Commendation

Brand: Sabhyata – Ethic womenswear brand
Approach: Challenging stereotypes through compelling storytelling and immersive content.

Sachin Sarcoma Society (B) – Winner

Initiative: Creating an ecosystem for education, connection, and streamlining the SARCOMA OPD process.

Social Enterprise of the Year

Ladakh Basket – Jury Commendation

Focus: Using locally grown indigenous produce to support the local economy and preserve cultural heritage.

Buffindia Receptacles Private Limited – Winner

Initiative: Cigarette Waste Litter Free India – Gathering and recycling cigarette butts to reduce environmental pollution.

Not for profit of the year

Agewell Foundation (B) – Winner

Focus: Empowering older persons, providing digital literacy, wheelchairs, nutrition kits, and food ration packets.

SBI Foundation – Winner

Projects: Healthcare on Wheels, Gram Seva Program, Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan Karyakram, Project SIMHA.

Emerging Think Tank of the Year

One Future Collective [Morarka Leadership Foundation] – Jury Commendation

Focus: Social and climate justice Changes in the field of gender, mental health, climate change, and Policy research, analysis, and advocacy in these areas.

Responsible Business of the Year

Maruti Suzuki India Limited – Winner
Maruti Suzuki India Limited is recognized for its commitment to road safety, skill development, and community development. With unique technology-driven projects in collaboration with Japan, they’ve trained over 44 lakh drivers, developed 26 villages, upgraded over 100 ITIs, and improved learning outcomes for 15,000+ students. Their community initiatives include a multi-specialty hospital, and ATMs, upgrading government schools, and ITIs, and constructing household toilets, paved streets, sewer lines, and bus sheds.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited – Winner
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is acknowledged for initiatives such as the Bina Refinery utilizing forest land, planting 1 lakh trees, installing 4.3 MW solar plants, providing subsidies for solar plants, electrifying steam motors/turbines, revamping low-efficiency furnaces, and expanding CNG fueling stations. Their health initiatives, including “Healthcare on Wheels” and support for Integrated Cancer Care, contribute to the well-being of rural/urban populations.

Promising Responsible Business

EverEnviro Resource Management Pvt Ltd. – Winner
EverEnviro Resource Management focuses on decarbonization and circularity, converting municipal solid waste and agro residues into renewable energy, avoiding 4 lakh tons of CO2 emissions. Their Waste to Energy plant recovers resources from dry waste, producing clean energy that powers local grids. They also collect and recycle construction and demolition materials.

Promising Social Leader

Lakshay Nagpal – Winner
Lakshay Nagpal, having experienced the toll of cancer, supports individuals battling sarcomas. His Project Efficiency optimizes unused medicines, alleviating financial burdens on patients. His commitment has extended support to nearly 8000 individuals, making a positive impact on cancer care.

Sheetal Jain – Winner
Sheetal Jain dedicates her life to educating and empowering girls from red-light areas. Overcoming personal challenges, she shares her journey publicly, leading workshops on sex education, gender empowerment, child sexual abuse, and sex workers’ rights at Kranti School.

Social Leader of the Year

Quick Heal Foundation – Winner
Quick Heal Foundation, led by Ms. Anupama Katkar, impacts over 48 lakh lives, making Cyber safety a fundamental right. Initiatives include “Cyber Shiksha for Cyber Suraksha,” “Earn and Learn” for youth skill development, “Arogya Yan” for healthcare in remote areas, and “Arogya Mansampada” for mental well-being of underprivileged students.

eVidyaloka Trust – Winner
Brinda Poornapragna leads eVidyaloka Trust, transforming rural education with virtual learning programs. Operating on a large scale, the Digital Classroom Program and Television Broadcast impact over 1 lakh children, reaching close to 24 million children with the support of over 5.5 thousand volunteers.

Lalitha Raghuram – Winner
Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram revolutionized organ donation through effective public education and grief counseling, leading to a significant increase in donations nationwide. Under her leadership, MOHAN Foundation has trained over 3500 Transplant Coordinators, fostering organ donation.

Change Makers

Dr. Sudha Kidao  – Winner
Dr. Sudha Kidao founded the Foundation for Excellence FFE in 2004, empowering scholarship recipients with skills training and mentorship. FFE has transformed the lives of over 33,000 students pursuing professional education in Engineering and Medicine, with a total scholarship commitment of Rs. 257 Crores.

Sheetal Agarwal – Winner
Sheetal Agarwal’s Clownselors Foundation engages in Medical Clowning, providing distraction therapy in medical settings. Over 7 years, the organization has touched 6.62 lakh lives through clowning in old age homes, shelters, orphanages, slums, and refugee camps.

Shekhar Mahajan – Winner
Shekhar Mahajan leads Sahyog Care for You, combatting child labor and exploitation in Delhi NCR. The organization has rescued close to 1500 children, providing back wages and rehabilitation, contributing to their well-being.

Vanitha Rengaraj – Winner
Smt. Vanitha Rengaraj started SHARANALAYAM in 2000, impacting the lives of over 1500 people, including underprivileged women, orphaned children, HIV-infected individuals, and mentally challenged adults. Her dedicated service has produced engineers, nurses, teachers, and more.

Sugandha Sukrutaraj – Winner
Sugandha Sukrutaraj founded AMBA Centers for the Economic Empowerment of the Intellectually Challenged, integrating young people with cognitive disabilities into the mainstream. AMBA Certified Partner Centres have trained 34,611 differently-abled individuals, providing them with economic empowerment.

Emerging Business Leader of the Year

Bala Sarda – VAHDAM India – Winner
Bala Sarda founded VAHDAM India, disrupting the global tea supply chain, achieving plastic and climate neutrality, and contributing to ESG initiatives. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through sustainable packaging and supports education for farmers’ children through the TEACH ME program.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Sunil Kaul – The Action Northeast Trust (ANT) – Winner
Dr. Sunil Kaul, Founder Trustee of The Action Northeast Trust (ANT), has dedicated his life to improving health and development in Northeast India. ANT works on education, child protection, women’s empowerment, peacebuilding, and mental health, treating over 1200 patients a month for mental health disorders and epilepsy.


These SABERA awardees represent a diverse range of organizations and initiatives that are actively contributing to sustainable development in India. Their dedication and innovative approaches underscore the importance of collective action in addressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. As these champions continue to make a positive impact, they inspire others to join the journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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