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As the Curator Founder of SABERA I have had the privilege of engaging with inspiring leaders who are dedicated to creating positive change in our society. These individuals, through their unwavering commitment and innovative approaches, have left a lasting impact on me. The RJ in me had to bring these conversations out through free-flowing conversations too and hence, Social Impact leaders Simply with Suparnaa took shape. 

Meet Sheetal Agarwal, a medical clown dedicated to bringing joy to children in hospitals. Witnessing her ability to uplift young patients and their families through colorful costumes and humorous personas was heartwarming. Sheetal’s unique approach to healing goes beyond traditional methods, providing emotional solace during the most challenging times. Experience the transformative power of laughter and the positive impact she has on the well-being of these children. Not only is this medical clown bringing smiles but is actually reducing anesthesia levels before procedures. They have also witnessed a Comatose patient respond and wake up after a few sessions! Unbelievable?

Watch the full interaction here >>

“He called and asked what should I tell Dushyant after the doctors had given up on his son’s battle with leukemia. I said he has to fight and not give up.” Today, that barber’s son, who once worked under a tree, is finishing college and messages me every 15 days saying, “I am fine, hope you are too.” Only a mother has the guts to see the toughest things through and win.

This is the story of SABERA Awardee Monica Vohra who After winning her strife with leukemia as detected and cured in her son, is now on a crusade to help underprivileged kids to get the timely and best treatment for blood cancer.

Hear the full interaction here >>


Those who take care of others have an invisible force taking care of them as expressed through an incident narrated by SABERA awardee Vinay Sharma founder of Dance out of Poverty. An incredible hand of force that appeared out of nowhere helped Vinay raise funds much beyond his expectations and disappeared just as mysteriously.  Hear the full interaction here >>


The work of these leaders and the impact their organizations are making is whetted by a Robust jury through the 2 tier annual awards process that recognizes GOOD. Work that is putting India on the road to development. Either as ESG-aligned entities, SDG Aligned Initiatives, or Social Impact Leaders.

The entries for सबेरा SABERA 2023 will evaluate work executed between 1st April 2022 to 31st March 23. There are NO Registration Fees. Early Bird applicable for Entry is applicable for a limited time.

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